The Group of Cell Technology, Div. Industrial Biotechnology/Bioprocess Design, School of Biotechnology, KTH, is a research laboratory for cell technology and in particular for mammalian and human cell cultivation bioprocess.
The research and development activities of the group are focussed on biopharmaceutical processes using established recombinant cell lines and human stem cell bioprocessing. The group provides also contract-based service for the development of bioprocess and production of purified protein.Dr. Véronique Chotteau, leader of the Cell Technology Group, has more than twenty years experience of mammalian cell culture and has been working in industry (Biovitrum, previously Pharmacia and today SOBI, Stockholm, Sweden) during more than eleven years as senior project manager for the development of biopharmaceutical processes and mammalian cell cultivation expert. Sponsors of the Cell Technology Group: Vinnova, KTH


  • Perfusion of Chinese Hamster Ovary cell cultivation
  • Metabolic flux analysis modelling
  • Proliferation of human embryonic stem cell



The Cell Technology group offers a service of development of animal cell based processes suitable for industrial production of biopharmaceutical (e.g. antibody, glycoprotein) in CHO or NS0 cell-based system in preparation for clinical phase manufacturing, production of material in view of toxicological study up to 20 L size and production of material by transient expression system, e.g. HEK293, insect cells; and development of human stem cell processes.