SmartFD Smart feed design for biopharmaceutical production

In the SmartFD project we aim at using mathematical modelling to improve the development of protein drug (biopharmaceuticals) manufacturing cultivation process for optimal solutions at reduced costs and labour. The focus of SmartFD will in particular be the creation of intelligent model-based tools to develop the culture media and the feed strategies to be used in manufacturing processes of fed-batch and perfusion. Such tools will bring a significant advantage both for the medium/feed manufacturer and for the industry developing new culture processes involved in the project. Furthermore, the project will respond to two presently unmet needs: the absence of methods to develop feeds/media supporting perfusion culture, and the possibility to use mathematical modelling to simulate, predict, optimize and control a given quality attribute in continuous culture system. By nature, such continuous process enables tuning a given quality attribute in a dynamic and reversible way, appealing for design based on mathematical modelling. Finally, an important aspect is that the rational approach of SmartFD, based on process modelling, will generate a process more robust compared to today's method of trial-and-error, strongly supporting a Quality-by-Design approach, asked for by the manufacturers and the Health Authorities. SmartFD is co-funded by VINNOVA and GE Healthcare.

Project Leader: Veronique Chotteau

Active from CETEG: Liang Zhang (PhD student), Erika Hagrot (PhD student) 

Collaboration: Francisco Vilaplana (Glycoscience, KTH), HÃ¥kan Hjalmarsson (EECS, KTH), Elling Jacobsen (EECS, KTH), GE Healthcare

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